Real Life Super Heroes

20 Mar

There are several different weird and wonderful conditions which mimic some very well known superheroes.

Below is a list of some well known heroes and their real-life counterparts.


Human Werewolf syndrome – Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is a term for abnormal excess hair growth on the body

This involves areas of skin that are normally covered with Vellus hair being transformed into to the larger thick red in small Terminal  hair.

Vellus hair, is very short and fine and not normally noticeable this hair normally covers the body in a person’s childhood

Terminal hairs on the other hand are very dark and can have a thick course texture. These hairs tend to develop during puberty when androgenic hormone levels in the body increase. This increase in hormone triggers the Vellus hair to be replaced with terminal hair.

The hair type of people with Hypertrichosis switches from Vellus to terminal in places on the body that do not usually produce terminal hair.

One other important mechanism that occurs in Hypertrichosis is that the anagen phase of the hair cycle, which regulates hair growth, is increased beyond that of the average person


Blue skin people- Methemoglobinemia

These blue people were first seen in Kentucky in the 1960’s. These people were all part of the Fugates family who had no other symptoms to coincide with their strangely coloured skin.

This disorder is caused by the an abnormally high level of methemoglobin in the blood.

Hemoglobin is a red pigment in our blood but it also carries oxygen around our body. Methemoglobin is actually a form of this hemoglobin but attracts higher levels of oxygen, which means that less oxygen is released into tissues. This means the blood of these individuals is brown giving their skin a bluish hue.


Cat women

Bad reaction to water –Aquagenic urticaria

This rare reaction causes peoples to produce painful raised red marks similar to hives to appear when they come into contact with water.

This can be rain, showers, baths, swimming pools and even their own sweat and tears can produce a painful rash!

The most notorious case of this disease is Ashleigh Morris who is a 21 years old from Australia. Puzzled doctors have tracked down the cause of this reaction to a severe bout of tonsillitis and taking a large dose of penicillin, which could have completely changed how her immune system responds.


Cannot feel the cold

Wim Hof, a 51 year old Dutch native is able to tolerate extreme levels of cold which most normal humans would prove lethal. Hof stood in ice for nearly 2 hours and has broken the ice endurance record in 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.

Hof states that he can achieve these incredible bouts of endurance by physically regulating his body’s thermostat using mental power!


Electric people

Some people have experienced the ability to produce high voltages within their bodies and can create static sparks.

These “Electric Humans” seem to be electrified on a constant basis without the friction of rubbing themselves on surfaces like the rest of us. One particular case is a woman in 1937 who could create 2 inch sparks while just jumping.

Jean Gray

Spontaneous Human Combustion

This condition has had much controversy surrounding wether this phenomenon actually occurs. There have been many a tale of people bursting into flames, however some cases and some eye witness reports show that there may be some truth in these legends.

In December 2001, a 73-year-old woman in Garden Grove, California, died from the third-degree burns that she had suffered over 90 percent of her body. Firefighters and the coroner’s office were left with the puzzle of how this could be possible when the fire took only four minutes to extinguish and was confined to a couch, a table, and the chair in which the victim was sitting.

On September 20, 1938, in Chelmsford, England, a woman burst into blue flames in the midst of a crowded dance floor. No one was able to extinguish the blaze that seemed to be fed by her own flesh, and in minutes she was but a heap of ashes.

The White queen


This disorder has symptoms which consist of a lack of the pigment melanin in the hair, skin and eyes which is caused by a absence of a enzyme used to produce melanin.

These albinistic individual have a white or pale appearance as the brown, black, and yellow coloration which are dependent on the melanin pigments for are not present.



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